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School Sponsored Activities

Extended School Program 

Apple Creek School has started an after school program for our working parents.   The program begins promptly at 3 pm and all children must be picked up by 5:30 pm.  Late fees will apply to those not picked by the designated time.  The monthly fee for the program is $120 per student.  A deposit of $50 per child will hold your spot.  This will be applied to the first month fee.  All fees are due at the first of each month.  The fee will be prorated for the month of August.  


Basketball & Cheerleading

The basketball/cheerleading meeting was held the week of November 17. If you missed the meeting please contact Annie Bergrud and Kristi Slater co-basketball coordinators, if you have any questions Annie at 751-5602 (work) or 226-5422 (cell), or Kristi at 673-3388 or 426-4122 (cell). 

All grades begin basketball AND cheerleading practice on Monday November 30th  6:30-8:00 p.m. at Rita Murphy Elementary School (611 North 31st Street, Bismarck).    

In order to participate in extra-curricular activities, students must maintain a “C” average.  Students and parents/guardians will be notified prior to games if their grade point averages are not acceptable.  Students may resume play on the team when grade point averages have improved.  Students must attend a full school day the day of the game to participate in that evening’s game. 


Game Schedules: