Apple Creek School: History

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The Apple Creek School District was organized in 1878. At one time, the district had three schools: Apple Creek School #1, Apple Creek School #2 and Apple Creek School #3 (see pictures below). Only, Apple Creek School #1 remains. The name Apple Creek was most likely taken from the stream nearby. The stream was thought to have been named by early French-Canadians for the Red-Haw thickets on its banks.

Over the last one hundred plus years, the enrollment, length of the school term, size of the building and number of teachers has fluctuated widely. Early census records from 1898 indicated 15 students. The length of the school term has varied from 3 months, 6 months, 7 months and 9 months. The one room school has been expanded to add a second building with a basement and a portable classroom. An early picture of the building shows an attached teachers boarding room with a stable in the background.

- Information taken from conversation with Lois Laemmle and an article written by Lois and Mrs. T. D. Sullivan entitled "History of Apple Creek School #1". The article can be found in Burleigh County: Prairie Trails to Hi-Ways: Taylor Publishing Co. Copyright 1978.